Far too often, recruitment companies will tell you they are working with the top performing candidates in the market ONLY to advertise your role with a copy of your job specification. Let us show you how we are different!

At the Recruitment Expert, we do not advertise the recruitment projects we support. We add value to you by researching the market, identifying and securing the very best solution for your needs. Through relentless networking and our superior search capabilities, we are constantly stretching the boundaries of our client’s expectations.

Top performers are constantly evolving. We understand that keeping aware of the market through our vertical specialists, keeps us one step ahead of the competition and ensures you meet with the very best.

We have a methodology to identify top performing professionals with our five-step sales analysis tool and our market insights ensure you formulate a decision based on all the facts.

Our High Touch approach ensures that candidate’s feels important through every step of the process and that will only reflect well on your brand from a recruitment prospective.

Do you work with the Experts who are engaging on a process built on the best possible service or in comparison, a “first past the post methodology”.

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    Industry leading candidates

    • Recruitment Model Expertise

    • Vertical led consultants – Market Intelligence

    • Salary Benchmarking intelligence

    • 100% Confidence

    • A friendly understanding Expert

    • Talent Acquisition strategies to ensure your success.

    • We have a large passive talent pool

    • Extended reach – Access to candidates through our network

    • Candidates, not applicants (we do not advertise)

    • High Touch Candidate Experience (Protect your brand)

    • Managing your project

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